Honest Food – Combo 6: Mushroom Cream Sauce & Basil Pesto Sauce

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Combo 6: Mushroom Cream Sauce & Basil Pesto Sauce

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Our Mushroom & Thyme Cream Sauce is a versatile item to have in your kitchen. It’s perfect as pasta sauce, steak sauce, or as spread for your breakfast creations. This sauce also pairs well with your protein of choice, be it poultry or fish. Thick and luscious, this product is infused with aromatic thyme.
Made with premium grana padano cheese, this item will be a hit in your next gathering!

Nett 400ml, for 3-4 servings. Keep refrigerated.
Lasts 2 weeks in fridge after production date.

Basil Pesto – 190 gr

Basil Pesto sauce to elevate your cooking.
Use it for various cooking from pasta, steak, salad or simply spread on bread.
Made in small batches made with real high quality ingredients

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