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Grupo Pesquera Dehesa La Granja Dehesa 14 91ST 2000

Castilla Y Leon


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Known during the entire 20th century as “La Granja Valdeguare?a de los Moleros”, the 1800-acre ranch had been devoted by the Moleros brothers to the breeding of highly regarded fighting bulls, still in operation at the time of purchase. However, from the 17th through 19th centuries the estate had been a regionally-dominant producer of wine, evidenced by 40,000 square feet of cellars hand-carved by 125 laborers over 17 years. During that time the local wine producing area was known throughout Spain and Europe as Tierra del Vino (Land of Wine).

“Winemaker Notes
91ST. A selected lot from this excellent harvest underwent malolactic fermentation and aging in new Alliers oak barriques, the dense and tannic structure (a’la Cabernet) of Tempranillo from the Zamora region being particularly well matched to game meats, hearty steak and stew. Amazing wine and can be aged for 10-20 years

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