Amahagan Yamazakura Wood Finish Japanese Whisky



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Amahagan Yamazakura Wood Finish (47%, OB 2019)
Nose: a juicy, fruity nose, on orange juice, apricots and plums. Rhubarb compote. Some vanilla notes, light biscuits perhaps. It reminds me of a young Glen Elgin for instance. Light hints of cherry blossom too, I’m (almost) sure it isn’t just the power of suggestion. Even whiffs of fabric softener appear (some of which have rather complex aromas these days).

Mouth: a similar idea of juicy fruits and bright floral notes. Pears and plums, with orange peels and hints of orange blossom. Vanilla custard. Hints of honey and light caramel sweetness. Then also a subtle touch of alcohol, which could be the portion of Nagahama new-make that went into this. Light peppery wood.

Finish: medium, on sweet wood, pepper and heathery notes.

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Weight 2 kg